A perspective wrapped in quietude

Photo by Chelsea Pridham on Unsplash

Doldrums can be boring
Especially for the adrenaline junkie
Speed and chase, incite a thrill; ever so gladly adoring
Contrary to stillness; brewing feelings, lifeless and slightly funky.

Entertain my psyche; wine and dine me
I want the high life; assuring of my worth
Left alone I may wilt; refusing even the herbal cup of tea
At least initially; contrasts demand context for this birth.

Distractions blasting every quiet moment; not a chance for transcendence
Over endless years, met with reason of my ‘busy agenda’ and always ‘on the go’
I find the tides are turning; craving moments to identify what is…

My true shine after realizing labels lie

Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

Labels lie
Whose to say what is inside
There are no fixed points to tell us why
Movement and change are all that continuously collide.

Colored glasses shape a trend, may even build a false facade; Ray Ban, Gucci, how about simply, Target, well then there’s even Walgreens, too
Creating conviction in the ‘seeing is believing’
If you tell me enough times and really make a fuss; I’ll likely wax, clip, shine and buff; consider even a tattoo, for only you to view
I will be tempted to borrow your truth, ponder it’s fit for size and claim my fantasy for conceiving…

My mentor and coach taught me how to up my game

Photo by James Donaldson on Unsplash

Walking home one day with friends,
A jeep came slowly passing by,
I saw the unforgettable smile and light glimmering from her eyes,
A wave through the open window, suddenly pulling over to the curb,
Stopping, she jumped out and ran crossing the street to greet me,
Strong, determined, athletic, loving, beaming with an ‘I care about you’ attitude,
Followed by her deep belly laughter, a big bear hug and words to say, just how good it was to see me that day,
Just as fast, she drove away,
Who was that, my friends did ask,
We want to be one of her friends, too,
Proud with a voice of…

Crying clears the storm and rejuvenates energy

Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash

Lucky is my fate, for having the chance to get away,
before deciding what I hate
Flying into the blue all on my own
Leaving behind those closest, of whom I cherish.

Temporary responsibility; all to myself, could I even fathom the possibility
Time to rest; uncovering relaxation
A pause from the ‘must do’ and ‘on my lists.’

One slight trigger of emotion; set off by music, with a film scene, depicting an intimate relation
The stream of tears rolled down my cheeks; blurring vision and changed my breathing
Sadness or happiness, I wondered.

Simply pure relief; completely within my…

Despite the watery realms of emotion life is inviting you to dance

Photo by Timur Romanov on Unsplash

Where are the watery realms of emotion
Likely with a trodden soul; lost in a flood of tears
Or could it be diluted feelings, drifting in a sea of commotion
Either way, internalizations may be simply bathing in a pool of fears.

The first one speaks of sadness pouring forth; sounds and saline streams
The second more of the daunting desperate stare, searching for connection
Loss and fear, alone and dark; struggling to return into a light of dreams
A broken heart, a shattered plan; hoping for any sign of resurrection.

Sometimes helpful, knowing what went wrong
Reminded mending, winds its…

Nature walks in Tanzania

Randilen Wildlife Management Area, Tanzania (photo by author)

One day I flew away
All ambitions lifted, up and go
Others thought I should really stay
Unknown tracks, trusting life had a flow.

Nature pulled me into her landscape
I was born anew and shown the way
Tracks from the night still holding shape
The savanna gathered strength for another new day.

Cared for and caressed with protection
Thinking silence, sneaking and unseen; untrue
Attention swayed over land, devoid of inspection
Every other took me in; a simple visitor passing through.

Untrained eyes, silent grasses, never haste
Scents revealing, location coated in emotion
Everything leaves a trace
Watched by the unseen, no…

Taking action for making dreams come true

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

It all started with a ride; swaying through a terrain of rugged nature
Aspens, Pines and Evergreens; boundaries blurring
The Rockies painted in colors of fire; lifting my senses to total rapture
We moved as one, mixing speed and trust on a winding road with winds a whirling.

Impressions last a lifetime
Maybe sweeter through the years
Thoughts always drift to memories of joy, however sublime
An ache to relive whispering thrills; beyond all fears.

One day
One day I tell myself; this life will blend timing and possibility
Addressing all apprehension to dissolve and be as play
Never being slave to mental…

Wash up your perspective and let it shine

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

Perspective may well be, a uniquely personal point of view
It comes, oh so naturally, if you think about it
Your own special angle to everything, found true
And even to everything, found false; maybe throwing others into a fit.

This collection of ideas, seemingly glued to a personality
Could be thought of as a fingerprint; original and like no other
Even if remaining just opinion, resulting from a shared reality
To the observer, therein lies a hint; never anywhere to take cover.

Above all: own it and enjoy it; even though it’s rather fickle
One never needs to beg, borrow…

On this bumpy ride of life

Photo by Guilherme Caetano on Unsplash

In the beginning, there was no I, me, mine; identification of self, to love or see
Only space filled with endless awareness; bathing bubbly in a random bliss
And then one day; I found my fingers and toes, were connected to a me
Your soft touch and bright smile became a you; rather separately connected, through a kiss.

It has taken time to get to know the I, that is me
Although we have been friends, right from the start
Very good-natured, lite, and free
Even back when; just being a tot, a darling sweetheart.

Likely, having changed over time…

Dear God, let it last forever

Photo by Josh Pereira on Unsplash

Bright colors and unknown flavors
Inviting me to choose a seasonal favorite
Watermelon, kiwi, passion fruit, even chocolate Some-mores
Smooth and creamy, or even with a chunky bit.

Caramel or Nutella, consider even; banana fudge liquor
Better yet, pistachio Oreo mint; now that sure is a tease
My eyes are wide, my mouth is watering; truly a celebration of taste galore
Choose one, two or three scoops, if you please.

Pondering the display; what will be best today
Inviting, tantalizing, zesty, cooling pleasure
Tempting to taste them all; an extravagant form of play
Cherry calls my name, ciliegia in Italian; to be my…

Kimberly Hampton Nilsson

writer, chiropractor, lover of travel, sport and adventure

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