A memory frozen in time

Photo by Giuseppe Mondì on Unsplash

I wish everyone celebrated firsts
Creating a lightness of being, to emerge
Bubbles lifting spirits in exaltation
Festivities initiated in the name of victory.

Cheers roar for struggles overcome
Happiness fills one’s heart like rays of sun, after the storm
Glittering rainbows through every water droplet
Thrills rippling outward over a myriad of graces.

Some firsts more fantastic than others
Certain ones signify beginnings of change; with no turning back
Uncharted roads; filled with hope, joy and imagination
Some turning into the finest journey.

An adventure so big, it colors all of life
With luck; it arrives wrapped in love

High time to lessen the destitute of our drama

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Acts of Kindness sounds rather cliché

Is that all the further we have come, on this earthly plane today

Time to take hold and swing this mankind thing around, to lessen the destitute of our drama

Was it a man, who coined this phrase with praise; I’m thinking the Dalai Lama

Trust me I am no man-hater; well, except when it comes to acts of violence, war, and cruelty towards women and children.

Amazing men, abound, doing everything within their ability to make this planet a kinder place; no sex nor gender-isms herein

And then there are the mothers; caregiving…

The battle for balance in this earthly dream

Photo by bill wegener on Unsplash

Healing, she has a brother known as Pain
He loves to kick and scream
Healing, she prefers the subtle; more sublime
Together these two unlikely creatures battle for balance; in this earthly dream
Black and white, yin and yang, heaven and hell; all etched in time.

Pain to this body
Accidents happen; stress and strain, learning to refrain

Pain to this mind
Attention slips mistakes are made; bad choices, miscalculations of no gain

Pain to this soul
A change of Heart; broken and melting, resisting shame

Pain woke me from my stupor
I took my finger from the flame
Discovered courage and…

Life choices tumbled me like an ocean storm

Photo by Serge Le Strat on Unsplash

Choices involving love may be the hardest storms to brave
Remember wishing another could do it for me
Worst were the times leaving another out in the cold
Then came the deeper questions of feeling free
Never fully sure, looking inward, standing bold.

I left my first, for a second
Tumultuous like being out in the sea, splashing amid a riptide current
Swimming alone in deep dark water
Fear, rejection, wrong or right, so much torrent
Accepting the shift became my confrontation against failure.

The waves of sadness lead me to believe, I may surely drown
Each time coming up for…

Emotions come and go when experienced fully

Photo by Meagan Collins on Unsplash

Fear catches me by surprise
Bringing me into the moment faster than my morning coffee
At times a false alarm by this active imagination; maybe time to do some meditation
Yet when it’s a call for life or death, consider it a true awakening
If it’s primal for survival, then we’re talkin’ bout the real thing; complex and exact.

That night I heard her roar, in darkness with only the flicker by the fire
Then, fear was never a confusing issue
What shall I do, listening, not daring to move
Memorable and sensational to hear a mother lion call her pride, under the…

Love letters gave me the romance of writing

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Letters, syllables and sounds have long captured my imagination
Recollections of my big sister writing, ‘I Love You’
Scribbles put in order, carrying out a thought, a private form of action
My goal to scribe at an early age was all about, ‘I can too.’

Those three simple words, later turned into letters to a boy
Signed across the back, S.W.A.K. ‘sealed with a kiss,’
Licked, stamped and dropped into the box, oh what a joy
Then came the thrill of waiting for a response, my simple kinda bliss.

As time passed by, so did the boy carrying my best…

Fairy tales of childhood became my internal world of gladness

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

From early on, life was like squeals of joy, aroused upon the carousel.

Back then I ran from horse to horse, finding the one ‘beauty’ to match my fancy, of course.

Climbing up with stride, before music filled the air and motion thrilled my senses for the ride.

Cotton candy sticky fingers grappled tight, reminding me of its sweetness that lasts and lingers.

Ribbons flowing from my hair, wisps of curls falling everywhere.

Of course, the stallion decorated in party pink and sky blue, to match my summer dress would…

My need for his approval went too

Photo by Muhammadh Saamy on Unsplash

You told me I was pretty, down to the very core
I loved to walk hand in hand
And play down by the shore
Together we would dig and make castles in the sand.

You were my favorite hero; extra big, so super strong
Tucking me in at night, followed by “I love you, too”
No matter the moment together, with you I did belong
Because of this I knew, nothing could ever go askew.

It always mattered what you’d say
Your deep blue eyes containing shine
Showing how you cared in a special way
Your heart was big, your words were kind…

Little bugs; big prayers

A baby African mantis. (photo by author)

In November 2020, I took my first masked and shielded flight, from Scandinavia to East Africa, I was headed for ‘the bush,’ Randlien Wildlife Management Area of Tanzania. This travel was going to be spent in the company of animals in their natural habitat. I imagined ‘the big’ and ‘the scary.’ You know, the usual unusual; trunks, horns and fierce canines. I never could have guessed an itsy bitsy raptorial critter would show up begging for a selfie. …

Kimberly Hampton Nilsson

writer, chiropractor, lover of travel, sport and adventure

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